How to install and watch IPTV on Xiaomi devices?

Chinese giant Xiaomi is one of the widely used android devices in the world. Smart Phones, tablets, TV box and stick are very popular among android users for their flexibility and reasonable price comparing to make and models of the competitor brands. Installing IPTV on Xiaomi devices is pretty easy and the watching is pleasant. Here’s a guide on How to install and watch IPTV on Xiaomi devices.


Xiaomi uses Android as operating system. Therefore, the steps are mostly identical to devices like Firestick or any other android device you may have used before.

With Android OS comes various options among IPTV Applications on Google Playstore and even if those apps are not available on Playstore or if removed, you can easily side-load them.

There are various applications you can use on Xiaomi Phone, Tablet or TV Box:

TiviMate is one of the greatest applications. It has TV Archive (Recording) feature with full EPG and Picons support. Xtream Codes API login is also available but all these features come with Premium License. We have already spoken about TiviMate before. You can checkout how to install TiviMate IPTV Application tutorial. For a step-by-step guide on paid license activation, read how to purchase and activate TiviMate Premium License.

STB EMU would be another app which is free and gives you Stalker Portal interface, a look identical to what you get on MAG devices. For full guide you can checkout how to install STB EMU.

Smart STB has the same Stalker portal look but it is paid. For full tutorial please read how to install Smart STB.

IPTV Smarters Pro from WHMCS Smarters is one of the most well-known and very well liked IPTV applications which is available on almost all operating systems and various devices. It can be installed on Apple iOS, all android and Almost all Smart TVs like LG and Samsung. To see a full step by step guide, read how to install IPTV Smarters Pro on an android device.

Smarters Player Lite is the newly coded IPTV Smarters Pro from the same team. It is named Lite but it has all the Pro functionality and features. By the time of writing this article (January 2023) IPTV Smarters Pro is removed from Google Playstore. Therefore, the only way to have the same features of that application is to install and use Smarters Player Lite. Here is a guide on How to install Smarters Player Lite on an Android device.

There are many IPTV Applications you can install on an Xiaomi device, above are just few examples. But if any of them arent available, you can simply find the APK file and install it through side-loading. Read this guide on How to side-load IPTV Smarters Pro on android which will give you clear idea how to do this with any APK.

Now during side-loading, Privacy Protection of Android OS might intervene and stop the process, asking you to grant permission for the installation of 3rd party applications outside playstore. You can follow this guide on How to enable Allow Installation of Unknown Apps on Android devices.

Above is all you need to know about installation of IPTV applications on a Xiaomi device.

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